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The Australia Awning

The Australia awning fits seamlessly into any setting, creating shade and shelter in even the most adverse weather. It can also be configured with an added feature of being able to adjust the inclination of the awning, which is useful depending on the angle of the sun at different times of the day. The Australia is a popular choice for all environments due to its elegantly simple design and robust construction.


By creating a shaded and sheltered outdoor area you can protect your expensive garden furniture which can quickly deteriorate if left open to the elements.


Wide Range of Colours

Choose from our extensive range of colours. Standard colours can be found below.

Automatic Options

You can choose the automation that suits your requirements with the intelligent solar or wind sensor options.

Fabric Protection

Our unique design means our awnings are tightly rolled and completely protected inside the cassette.

Thermal Glueing

The fabric is bonded together with a modern hot glue technique using only the highest quality PUR-based reactive glue.


R-Pitch is an additional option for the Australia awning which enables the inclination of the awning to be manually adjusted with the use of a crank.

Vario Volent

Vario Volant is an unrolling ruffle, which is discreetly concealed in the front section of the awning. It provides protection against the low sunset and guarantees privacy and comfort. It can be used both with the Palladio and Australia awnings.
Each Australia awning comes with a 2 year guarantee, 2 years warranty on
fabric and 2 years on Somfy motors (all subject to terms and conditions)

Standard Colours by Dickson


Our Awnings


The Palladio is a stylish awning which retracts into a compact cassette when not in use.


The Australia awning fits seamlessly into any setting, creating shade and shelter.


The Pergolino provides protection from bright sunshine as well as light rain.


A solid and elegant awning that is designed to be installed on to verandas.


The stylish and simplistic window awning has been designed to create shade and shelter.

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